5 tips on buying gun safes in Australia

We can all appreciate that gun safes in Australia are a legal requirement and essential for keeping firearms away from inquisitive little fingers. No-one wants their kids playing with firearms, simply because they were left unattended and easily accessible. Of course, minors can use guns if they are supervised by a licence carrying adult, but we are talking about kids picking up guns that are not secured in gun safes.

In Brisbane, we recommend that everyone invests in a solid gun safe for everyone’s protection. Even if you don’t have children, it is always a good idea to secure your guns against theft, and the more quality gun safes also provide protection from fires.

Given that securing your guns is pretty much essential, here are 5 Shooter’s Delight’s tips on buying the right gun safe in Brisbane for your situation.

  • Select the safe with the thickest steel: The thicker the steel casing of your gun safe, the stronger it will be and the better it can hold up to someone taking a hammer to it and trying to smash it open. Thicker steel is also more fire resistant, which is ideal for bushfire regions and with the frequency of house fires in Brisbane, is a sound idea for everyone.
  • Fire resistance rating: Also check on the rated fire resistance for your chosen safe, because quality gun safes should give you the maximum temperature and time, for example our Fortress safe has a rating of 40 minutes at 650°C.
  • Buy the biggest safe you can afford: Over time, your collection of guns and firearms will probably increase, so it’s sensible to purchase a safe that is large enough to hold at least a few guns of different sizes.
  • Bolt down kits: Unless you install an in-floor gun safe or concrete your safe into the floor, you will need a bolt down kit to secure it to the floor. This is only necessary for the smaller safes that could be manhandled by a thief, as the larger safes are pretty much steal proof!
  • Electronic locks: These programmable locks increase the security of gun safes, but it’s also a good idea to have an override key for emergencies, as well as a tamper proof alarm to alert you if anyone is trying to open the gun safe.

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