8 tips for concealed gun safety every shooter should know

Gun safety in Australia is a high priority and if you want to carry a concealed gun, you need to apply for a concealable firearms licence that is issued by the police for category H weapons (handguns). Once you have this licence, here are 8 handgun safety tips you need to know.

  1. Buy a quality gun: Gun safety starts with buying a reliable gun that will work when needed and is safe to use. Always test fire before buying and stick with a good manufacturer.
  2. Be aware: Always pay attention to your surroundings when you are carrying a concealed gun and don’t get into dangerous situations if they can be avoided.
  3. Gun holsters: The safest gun holsters cover the trigger at all times to prevent accidental firing. We have both concealed and open carry gun holsters, so don’t rely on the ‘safety’, instead select one of our quality gun holsters.
  4. Re-holstering: One of the most forgotten gun safety rules is to never re-holster your gun when the holster is positioned inside your waistband. The trigger could catch on your clothing and end in disaster, so remove your holster and insert your handgun, then reposition your holster.
  5. Regular practice: You need to be proficient with your concealed gun, so that drawing, aiming, shooting and reloading becomes automatic. The only way to achieve this type of muscle memory is to practice regularly.
  6. Practice ammo: Make sure you use the right ammo for your firearm and practice using this ammo. Don’t practice with cheap options, because when you load the good ammo, it’s going to feel different.
  7. No-rounds in chamber: When you are first getting used to carrying a concealed weapon, it’s best to not carry a round in the chamber. Some shooters prefer to carry a loaded weapon, but until you build your muscle memory (keeping gun safety in mind), it’s best to not tempt fate with a loaded gun.
  8. Cleaning: You need to get your hands on a good quality gun cleaning kit and clean your gun on a weekly basis. When you carry a concealed weapon you will be amazed at the debris that can get inside the firearm, impacting its operation and reliability. So a gun cleaning kit is mandatory.

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