7 tips for a successful hunting trip

If you are heading off into the outback on a hunting trip you will need to stock up on all of the essentials at your local hunting shops in Brisbane. Once you have all of your hunting supplies packed into your 4WD, and particularly if you are a beginner – don’t forget to pay attention to the following tips for a safe and successful hunting trip.

  1. Safety: Decide whether or not you need to wear a fluorescent hunting jacket to make other hunters in the area aware of your presence, and if you do – you might be able to purchase these from your local hunting stores in Brisbane.
  2. Equipment: If you are not sure what equipment you need, you can always check with the hunting shops in Brisbane, but essentially you will need the correct firearms and ammunition, as well as boots and other gear.
  3. Be prepared: Always keep a bag packed with safety supplies from your local hunting stores in Brisbane. These include a first aid kit, smartphone or satellite phone, water, food, a flashlight, ropes and extra ammunition.
  4. Learn stillness: Once you are in place, you don’t want to make any sudden movements that will alert your prey. This can be a very difficult skill to learn, but being ‘still’ is essential to a successful hunting season.
  5. Pick your land: If you want to hunt on state land then you need to be aware of any laws that might apply and if you want to hunt on privately owned land, then you also need to talk to the land owners for their permission.
  6. Have a plan: If you are hunting for food, then you need to plan how you will field dress the animal and process it in the field. You also need to know how you will transport it back to your vehicle. Your local hunting supplies shop is usually a mine of great information, so drop by and have a chat if you have any concerns.
  7. Know your weapons: You need to feel comfortable with your firearms, know how they operate, how to maintain them and how to operate them. Target practice is essential so that when you shoot – you kill. You do not want to wound an animal and not find it.

You can stock up on all of your hunting supplies in Brisbane at Shooter’s Delight in Underwood.

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