Do you really need to complete a gun safety course in Brisbane?

If you want to own a gun in Queensland then you need to complete a gun safety course in Brisbane as part of the licensing procedure and you also need a PTA (permit to acquire a weapon) and a new weapons licence. We have a link to the local firearms safety course on our website, which are held at the Belmont Shooting Complex on the first and third Sundays of each month (cats A & B).

This gun safety course is operated by QMRC who are a registered training organisation and who offer the Queensland Police Service’s 10618NAT – Course in Firearms Safety certificate. This is a compulsory firearms safety course if you want your licence in Queensland.

How to apply for your licence

You can now apply online for new weapons licences, licence renewals and a PTA via the Queensland Police website. As part of the application for a new licence you need to indicate your reasons for requiring a gun licence, which include sport or target shooting, recreational hunting or vermin control, primary production, vertebrate pest control, rural occupation, business or employment, animal welfare, and a firearms collector.

First, you will need to book and complete a gun safety course that involves gun safety, gun cleaning, basic operations of a firearm and safe shooting techniques, maintenance, storage requirements and hunting ethics. The firearms safety course also includes two multiple choice tests on the day.

Once completed and passed, you will receive your Certificate of Attainment, which you should act upon within 12 months or you will need to take the gun safety course again. You can upload all supporting documentation for your new weapons licence or PTA on the Queensland Police website as part of the application process. Once the 28-day cooling off period has lapsed and you have been issued with your weapons licence you are able to use your gun for the reasons outlined in your application.

Remember however, that this same 28-day cooling off period applies to your PTA, so you will have to wait 28-days for a permit to buy a gun and then another 28-days before you receive your weapons licence, after buying your gun. You can of course, apply for a licence before buying a gun, but you will still need the PTA when you finally decide to make your purchase.

For more information on the gun safety course Brisbane, call Shooter’s Delight on 07 3841 1881 or send us an email.

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