Etiquette for Brisbane shooting ranges

If you are a new gun owner, your first trip to the Brisbane shooting ranges might seem a bit overwhelming and even intimidating, especially when you are surrounded by more experienced shooters. So if you have packed up your shooting supplies and you are ready to go, here are a few tips on the etiquette that is required at Brisbane shooting ranges.

Make sure you have all the necessary shooting supplies

You will need the right type of eye and ear protection, which you need to wear before entering the range. Your firearms need to be carried in a bag or case and they need to be unloaded as well. No-one wants to see you walking into the Brisbane shooting range carrying a rifle in your hands, not knowing if it’s loaded or not. For Gold Coast shooters, supplies can be easily purchased before you hit the range, and if you are in Brisbane, you can check out our gun shop in Logan where our staff will be happy to kit you up correctly.

Know the range’s rules and listen to all instructions

Make sure that you know the Brisbane shooting range maximum rate of fire and whether or not you can collect your brass. Staff are more than happy to assist new shooters, so don’t be afraid to ask these sort of questions. Also, don’t argue the point with the Range Officer, who is there to keep everyone safe, because you will lose anyway, as they have the first and final say on any safety matters.

Find out what to do in the case of a cease fire, because no-one wants to get shot by a newbie at the Brisbane shooting range. Usually, you need to set down your gun, point it down range and step away from the shooting area. Don’t unload it, pack it away or fiddle with your shooting supplies, simply respond instantly by setting your gun down and walking away. Also, don’t correct any other shooter’s if you see a problem with safety, just call the Range Officer who will sort it out themselves.

Finally, always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction and always keep your gun unloaded and your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

For more information on shooter’s supplies at the Gold Coast or Brisbane, call us on 07 3841 1881 or send us an email.

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