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RWS .22lr Rifle Match Ammo (50 ROUNDS)


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There’s no doubt about it, .22LR is just plain fun to shoot. It’s like the potato chip of the gun world because once you fire a shot you don’t want to stop. And although they’re fantastic for plinking, they’re actually pretty versatile and have many other uses. You can use your .22LR for hunting little pests like squirrels, teaching new shooters the ropes of the gun world, and more. If you plan to teach a new shooter, make sure they memorize the rules of safety and can implement them well before moving on to actual shooting. Whatever you plan to do, you’re going to need ammo.

These particular .22LR rounds are manufactured by RWS. Each round weighs in at 40 grain which is quite lightweight in general but within the standard weight range for this cartridge size. Being so incredibly lightweight is what enables these rounds to travel down-range at such high speeds and also helps reduce felt recoil significantly. These are LRN, Lead Round Nose, rounds and do not expand on impact. The lead may deform on impact and should not be confused with expansion. This ammunition is great for target practice and plinking.

There are 50 target rounds in this single box of RWS ammunition. That’s enough for a little trigger time with your favorite gun, a lesson with a new shooter, or practicing your own marksmanship whether on paper or a row of empty soda cans. Imagine the fun you can have with 50 rounds – now imagine what it would be like to have even more (yes, we’re suggesting you order more). RWS, or Rottweil, can trace its roots back hundreds of years to a little shotshell business in the Black Forest of Germany. Today they manufacture ammunition in Rottweil, Germany, according to SAAMI or CIP specifications. Order now and head to your favorite shooting spot with your .22LR.

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