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SAKO Optilock Rings 1 Low BLUED (30.5mm)

Optilock bases and rings are machined from a solid block of steel, Cr-Mo alloy or stainless, just like our rifles. The front bases have a solid angled left side and a similarly angled right side with a clamping device.


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Owners of Sako rifles enjoy the unique benefits of the Sako Optilock scope mounts. Thanks to the Optilock mounts you only need to set up sights once.

The limiter pin of the Optilock base fits perfectly into the integral tapered dovetail rails on the Sako actions. The combination of the dovetail rails and Optilock mounts is the smartest way to mount a scope on a high-power rifle. Integral tapered dovetail rails are positioned on the Sako rifle’s actions and feature a limiter pin slot for Optilock bases and ring mounts.

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 cm