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lightforce rc225
T bar remote control handle 225mm for the RCSAL and RCSBC HANDLE ONLY


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LIGHTFORCE offers a wide range of mounting systems and brackets for different lighting combinations, ranging from remote controls, through the roof mounting and quick release suctions base systems.


RC150/RC225 Remote control designed for mounting SL or RM model lights through the roof of vehicles and boat cabins. They provide user comfort and superb control during operation from inside the cabin. The remote control is fitted with an on/off switch in the handle, variable tension adjustment can be selected from within the cabin to fix the light in one position or enable it to be freely rotated through 360 degrees.

Don’t wish to cut a hole in your roof, need temporary fitment? Check out the RCSBC!

When cutting a hole in the roof of your cabin is not an option, the RCSBC will solve the problem. The remote control RC150/RC225 is fitted on the outer end of a weatherproof treated lightweight 600mm long metal tube, fastened to the vehicle roof or windscreen by two locking suction bases. The inner suction base is spring loaded to allow for variations in roof contours, making this system a unique and flexible one. (Note: It is important to ensure a clean surface before suction cups are applied)

Want to use a roof rack to mount your spotlights? No problem!

The RCEXT allows the remote control RC150/RC225 to be mounted on a roof rack for operation through the vehicles window. The RCEXT is fitted with a spring loaded hinge, allowing the remote control handle to be tilted above the vehicle door, enabling easy access.

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Dimensions 50 × 15 × 15 cm

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