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Gold Coast and Brisbane hunting supplies

Before you head out on a hunting trip make sure you’ve prepared effectively. The right hunting supplies are just as important for a shooting enthusiast as the gun itself. Take the time to organise and think through the different elements you’ll be exposed to in your hunt. 

What sort of environment are you hunting in? How are you tracking your prey? How much time will you be away from your base of operations?

Figure out what sort of investment into gear, firearms and ammunition you need to make to make your hunt as successful as possible.

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Luckily, Shooter’s Delight is the premier supplier of hunting guns and gear. Our team are specialists and shooting enthusiasts and are more than happy to share their expertise and experienced knowledge with you.

It’s not just premier accessories and gear we offer, it’s premier customer service as well!

Male hunter in camouflage clothes walking on the field with hunting rifle during a hunt

Get all the essential hunting and
gun accessories you need

We stock all the equipment, gear and supplies you need for a successful hunt. The market has benefitted from continued advances in technology and we’ve put those advances to good use by ensuring you have access to a wide range of supplies and products.

We’ll help you stock up on the right pieces of kit to get the most from your hunting experience. Whether you’re just starting out or upgrading, we want to make your hard-earned money go further by investing in high quality products. 


The first thing a serious hunder needs outside of a gun is camouflaged clothing. If you can’t conceal your presence from prey there’s little point in heading out at all. This is especially true when hunting as a group. Don’t ruin everyone’s chances and spoil the hunt by spooking the animal. Our camouflage clothing comes in designs for all types of weather and includes warmer options and breathable materials.

Pocket knife

When you think “hunting” you probably think “gun” and fair enough. But the humble pocket knife never ceases to amaze with its utility and importance on a hunt. This relatively inexpensive accessory has so many applications that a real hunter would never go anywhere without it. Dig, cut, skin… your trusty, high quality knife from Shooter’s Delight will always be useful!

Rain gear

It might rain on your hunt but with premium rain gear from our Logan gun shop it’ll never ‘rain on your parade’. Bad weather can offer a host of opportunities for the serious hunter. When visibility is lowered you can more easily get closer to your prey. With actively camouflage rain gear you’ll not just find the experience of moving and hunting easier, you’ll even minimise the sound of raindrops landing on you!

Calls and decoys

A great hunting technique to lure prey closer or add an element of realism to a decoy is a call. Calls make hunts more exciting and help you line up more accurate shots and achieve more efficient kills.

Everything you need for your hunt in one place

Why are more and more hunters turning to Shooter’s Delight for all of their hunting needs? 

Probably because our team travels directly to firearms manufacturers to quality control the shooting supplies we procure and ensure they meet our specifications. This way we’re also able to pass on price savings to our customers ensuring that our price tags are the most competitive in the country.


Top products for bottom dollar – that’s the value of choosing Shooter’s Delight. 

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Whether you’re looking to come into our Logan gun shop or simply browse and purchase online, you can rest assured that you’ll find everything you need (and a whole lot more) with us!