ADI Gun powder

We Stock and Sell ADI Gun Powder in Australia

There is a certain sense of personal satisfaction that comes from reloading. Physically engaging with the process is rewarding and seeing the results of your efforts result in a good kill on a hunt further enhances your endeavour.

Those that have experience with reloading will appreciate that there are levels of quality in terms of the different gun power options on the market. ADI gun powder is the go-to choice in Australia and given that the brand is owned by Australian Munitions, the largest supplier of explosive ordnance to the Australian Defence Force, this implies a higher standard.
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At Shooter’s Delight, you will find an Australian owned and operated business that specialises in the very best of premium hunting products. Located in Slacks Creek, we have been a fixture of the South Queensland shooting scene for many years and have earned a reputation as being both affordable and dedicated to achieving more for our customers.

We recognise that serious shooters want the best products readily available and so we travel to firearms manufacturers to ensure the supplies that we stock have been produced to the highest standards possible, made possible using the best of modern technology. Our knowledge of guns and shooting equipment is unparalleled, we achieve exceptional service and we deliver quickly.

The ADI Powder Difference

ADI gun powder is synonymous with Australia. Australian Munitions has been producing ammunition as far back as the late 19th century and the company is dedicated to serving its local reloading community first and foremost. As a proud Australian brand, their tradition and top priority is the supply quality propellant into all States and Territories.

Their shotgun powders are disc powders and are double base in composition, they are clean burning and they cover twelve, twenty and twenty-eight gauge loads. Rifle powders are suitable for use even in extreme conditions and there are no significant variations in velocities or pressures with ambient temperatures. Compared to other brands by their competitors, this makes them unique. Handgun powders are also incredibly clean-burning, particularly when they are loaded correctly. Both fast burning and slower burning powders are available.

They cater to all ranges of burning rate requirements, so whether you favour a handgun, a shotgun or a rifle, you will find the appropriate ADI powder option available for sale. Naturally, those that are considering reloading for the first time are encouraged to get in touch with us with any questions they might have. We love nothing more than to discuss the pros and cons of different approaches and to recommend the very best accessories, tools and solutions that will make your experience that bit better.

Gun Powder by ADI: Affordable, Realistic Pricing

At Shooter’s Delight, we believe in making shooting sports accessible in any way that we can. Our superior price points are one of the many reasons that countless customers come back to us time and time again. Our Google reviews are a testament to the knowledge and expertise that we have amassed over the years, and we are here to share it all with fellow enthusiasts.

So, when you want to buy ADI powder in Australia, look to the team that strives to do more for its community and supply it with the best products at a better price, right here at Shooter’s Delight.
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  • ADI Powder AR2205 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2205 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2209 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2209 500gm

  • ADI Powder Trail Boss 1.5kg

    ADI Powder Trail Boss 1.5kg

  • ADI BENCHMARK 8208 1 Kg

    ADI BENCHMARK 8208 1 Kg

  • ADI Powder Benchmark 1 1Kg

    ADI Powder Benchmark 1 1Kg

  • ADI Powder Benchmark 2 1Kg

    ADI Powder Benchmark 2 1Kg

  • ADI Powder AS30N 500gm

    ADI Powder AS30N 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2217 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2217 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2213SC 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2213SC 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2208 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2208 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2207 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2207 500gm

  • ADI Powder AR2225 500gm

    ADI Powder AR2225 500gm