At our Logan gun shop, one of the frequent questions we are asked is about protection from hearing loss at Brisbane shooting ranges. One of our rarer questions concerns lead poisoning from spent cartridges and how shooters can protect themselves from this problem. These topics should be included in your firearms safety course, however let’s

5 Tips on buying gun safes in Australia

Thursday, 30 November 2017 by

We can all appreciate that gun safes in Australia are a legal requirement and essential for keeping firearms away from inquisitive little fingers. No-one wants their kids playing with firearms, simply because they were left unattended and easily accessible. Of course, minors can use guns if they are supervised by a licence carrying adult, but we

If you’re stocking up on hunting gear and hunting supplies in Brisbane, before heading off into the outback for well-deserved hunting trip, you need to make sure that you are armed with all the best information. Most hunting shops in Brisbane can help you out with your hunting gear, but not all of them have

Tips on storing your ammunition

Monday, 30 October 2017 by

Most shooters and hunters buy the best guns and ammunition, because they understand that the better the quality, the more enjoyable the shoot. The problem is that ammo doesn’t always last forever, particularly if it is stored under the wrong conditions, even if this is in a good quality ammo box. As we all know,

Gun safety in Australia is a high priority and if you want to carry a concealed gun, you need to apply for a concealable firearms licence that is issued by the police for category H weapons (handguns). Once you have this licence, here are 8 handgun safety tips you need to know. Buy a quality

7 tips for a successful hunting trip

Saturday, 30 September 2017 by

If you are heading off into the outback on a hunting trip you will need to stock up on all of the essentials at your local hunting shops in Brisbane. Once you have all of your hunting supplies packed into your 4WD, and particularly if you are a beginner – don’t forget to pay attention

All Brisbane gun shops actively promote Firearms Safety Rules and at Shooter’s Delight we have a link to the Firearms Safety Course run by QMRC (Queensland Military Rifle Club). Since we sell guns and shooting supplies, we believe that it’s our duty to ensure that anyone who uses firearms is aware of the rules that

Shooter’s Delight offers a firearms safety course for categories A & B (Rifles & Shotguns), category H (Handguns), categories C & D (Semi Auto Rifles and Pump Action Shotguns), and category M (Crossbows). Anyone who wants to apply for a guns or firearms licence in Brisbane, must have completed a safety course in the previous

If you want to own guns or firearms in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, you must hold a valid weapons licence. Brisbane gun shops will not sell you any weapons if you don’t have this licence and the most common licence that is suitable for sports and target shooters is simply a new firearms licence.

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