Sako 85 Rifles

We Stock Sako 85 Rifles for Sale in Australia

At Shooter’s Delight, we are committed to bringing the very best of brands and shooting supplies to our customers. Based in Underwood, South Queensland, we have achieved a better standard of service for those that are enthusiastic about shooting sports. We are the only gun shop that consistently offers high-quality firearms and tactical gear, and we achieve this by travelling directly to the factories of those that manufacture the guns we supply, ensuring that they are produced to the highest standards.
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Among our exceptional range of products is the Sako 85 rifle. We appreciate that the acquisition of a new firearm means that you will have to spend a considerable amount of money, but we do our utmost to afford you the best possible prices in the market. You will discover when you drop into our store or browse our catalogue online that we are much more competitive than alternate stockists and we are dedicated to delivering your new acquisition quickly and with minimal hassle.

We want to empower you to make the most of your passion for the outdoors. Our team includes qualified firearms instructors, shooting competitors and hunters with years of expertise. As such, no matter what you need or want to troubleshoot, you can trust that we can help.

What Makes the Sako 85 Special?

Sako 85 rifles are one of the most popular premium guns that we stock. There are several reasons that so many of our customers choose them over other brands, so let’s take a look at some of the features that differentiate these rifles.

All models feature controlled cartridge feed, which eliminates the possibility of cartridge jamming or double feeding. Rapid repeat firing is realised as a result of the turn-bolt handle function, which promotes a natural hand position during operation. The decision to equip this rifle with a pistol grip and to also make them available as left-handed immediately demonstrates this manufacturer’s focus on delivering an accessible, user-friendly option.

Safety is, of course, a key consideration when choosing a rifle. Sako 85 rifles in Australia give hunting and shooting enthusiasts a two-way safety, which lock the bolt handle and the trigger. Another welcome feature is that cartridges can be loaded or removed from the chamber when the safety is engaged.

The barrel is manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship, with barrel blanks drilled, honed, cold-hammer-forged, finished and inspected by the human eye. The surface is non-reflecting unless a buyer wants the polished finish that goes with the Deluxe and Safari models. Accuracy and bullet performance are optimised through twist rates that are chosen for each calibre.

Finally, the stocks are built so that hunters can achieve a better posture when shooting. Fast operation that results in exceptional accuracy is achieved through superior balance and the smooth operation of the bolt.

Knowledge and Experience That’s Second to None

At Shooter’s Delight, our knowledge and experience are second to none. We have a huge amount of experience delivering the very best of rifles to our customers and our attention to detail is unparalleled. We want you to experience what a truly professional, efficient and pleasurable gun acquisition is like and we encourage those that are new to our business to read the many wonderful 5-star reviews on our Google page.

You can browse our range of Sako 85 rifles online or feel free to drop into the store and have a chat with us and see what they are like in person. We’re open 6-days a week and would love the chance to assist you in any way we can.
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  • SAKO 85 Black Wolf 308 Win MT 24.3 INCH

    SAKO 85 Black Wolf 308 Win MT 24.3 INCH

  • SAKO 85 Magazine 5Rd SS 308 Win

    SAKO 85 Magazine 5Rd SS 308 Win

  • SAKO 85 XS Magazine 6Rd SS

    SAKO 85 XS Magazine 6Rd SS

  • Contessa Pic Rail Sako 85 S/SM

    Contessa Pic Rail Sako 85 S/SM

  • Contessa Pic Rail SS Sako 85 SSM

    Contessa Pic Rail SS Sako 85 SSM

  • SAKO 85 Carbonlight S/S 308

    SAKO 85 Carbonlight S/S 308

  • SAKO 85 Hunter Laminated S/S 223 1/8

    SAKO 85 Hunter Laminated S/S 223 1/8

  • Sako 85 Hunter S/S 223 1/8

    Sako 85 Hunter S/S 223 1/8