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This .308 rifle ammo for sale from the ammunition manufacturer Sellier and Bellot is a highly effective choice for hunting medium sized game and target shooting alike. If you have a .308 caliber rifle and need a quick box of ammo for some practice on the range or for your next hunting trip, then you don’t need to look any farther than this.

Offered here is 20 rounds of brass cased, 147 grain full metal jacket .308 bullets with boxer primer. Boxer primers are very similar to Berdan primers, but have a major difference in that boxer primers have an anvil as a separate piece included in the primer, while the primer pocket has no anvil and only one flash hole. This makes the .308 round slightly more complex, but also much easier to reload (if you prefer to reload your bullets rather than continuously buy more).

Brass cased ammo is also favored by many shooters for its reliability and because it is much more suitable for ammo reloading than steel cased rounds (again, only if you’re into reloading bullets). The .308 rounds here deliver a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet per second. Due to the 147gr, this is a more light weight cartridge and will provide less recoil making it an excellent choice for targeting shooting practice on the range without bruising your shoulder after so many shots. It is also immensely effective hunting round for medium sized game at a range of up to 600 yards.

Sellier and Bellot is an ammunition manufacturer from the Czech Republic, and a subsidiary of CBC, headquartered in Brazil and one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world. Serving a worldwide market, Sellier and Bellot manufacture a wide range of handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition for both the civilian and law enforcement market. Box of 250 rounds.

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