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Dillon Powder Check Overview Labeled Sized
Dillon XL-650 / 1050 Powder Check


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Dillon is known for their comprehensive accessories for the reloading presses they manufacture. The components and parts are really designed as a proper “system”. They’ve also made sure that all aspects of operating a clean, tidy, efficient, and safe reloading room are covered by their product offerings. One such product is the Dillon Powder Check System (Dillon Part #21044). This system is designed specifically for the Dillon XL-650 (5 station) and Dillon Super 1050 (7 station) progressive reloading presses.


  • Die body: The die body is the same unit that is used with the powder measure. It screws into the press toolhead and allows the powder check assembly to be swapped for one toolhead easily.
  • Upper assembly: The upper assembly is the main portion of the powder check system. This is the component that essentially holds everything together.
  • Clamp: The clamp is the same type as used on the powder measure system. You back out an allen screw, and that allows the upper assembly to be removed from the die body.
  • Powder Rod: The powder rod has a brass tip on it that actually contacts the powder to raise and lower the rod to the proper position.
  • Buzzer Actuator: The buzzer actuator will cause the buzzer to sound if the ram is at the top of the stroke and the powder level is not correct. When the powder level is correct, the groove in the buzzer actuator prevents the brass pin from depressing, therefore preventing the buzzer from sounding.
  • Buzzer Housing: The buzzer housing pivots every time the ram reaches the top of its stroke. This housing contains the buzzer, a AAA battery, and the switch/contact which interfaces with the buzzer actuator.

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