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LF 240 Black 600x600
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Used with night vision equipment and infrared-sensitive CCTV cameras or digital cameras for covert operation. Clip on infrared filter provides semi concealment blackout conditions yet allows IR to pass to produce a powerful, long range night vision beam.

Lightforce infra-red filters have been independently tested to ensure they block more than 99.6% visible light, yet allow Infra Red radiation to pass through with high efficiency.  IR Filters are used with dedicated night vision equipment but also work with many new generation video cameras or DSLR cameras to capture images using in built IR sensors.  Lightforce IR filters attach to a 140, 170 or 240mm reflector, adapting it to permit covert observation of targets.  Please note, the filter system does not totally block all visible light, a slight filament signature is detectable particularly if the lamp is moving.  Also, the joint between the reflector where the lens fits is noticeable and stray light can be minimised by bonding the filter and reflector together with opaque duct tape.

The filters present as virtually totally black with very high covert cover.

Due to increased heat build-up caused by reduced heat transmission, Lightforce recommends 50w bulbs be fitted to lights that are intended for long term IR operation.

Full laboratory test certification is available on request for qualified customers.

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