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Grizzly Brake Eliminator Blued 5/8x24


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Designed for calibres up to .30cal. These brakes are easy to install with no gun smithing required. Specifically manufactured to fit onto the: Ruger Precision, Tikka CTR and Tac A1, Howa Varmint, Remington Varmint, Kimber Varmint, Savage, Lithgow, Bergara and many other rifles with a 5/8x24tpi muzzle thread & a muzzle thread shoulder no larger than 23mm OD._x000D_
It’s easy to install with no gun smithing, all that is required to get the job done is a small shifting spanner._x000D_


  1. First screw the locknut all the way, onto the Grizzly Eliminator Muzzle Brake.
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  3. Hold the Eliminator Brake and screw it onto the muzzle thread all the way to the shoulder, taking care not to cross thread the Muzzle Brake.
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  5. Screw the muzzle brake on all the way to the shoulder and then turn it back anti-clockwise to the approximately the 11.55 position. With the other hand, turn the locknut clockwise all the way until it stops.
  6. _x000D_

  7. Hold the firearm firmly, and with the aid of the shifter, grab onto the flats of the brake and turn clockwise until its nice and tight.
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  9. Be sure to check that its aligned square to the barrel and if it’s necessary repeat these steps to get it right.
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  11. Once tightened firmly, your Muzzle Brake is ready for use. after firing three shots check that it’s still holding nice and firm._x000D_
    A handy tip is to carefully cut up an alloy drink can to put a strip between the spanner & the brake or nut flats to help protect its finish then lube the muzzle threads with a fine gun oil before installation.
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Ports are 90 degrees to the ground to reduce disturbance. The ports are angled back away from the shooter to minimise shooter discomfort and maximise performance._x000D_
The standard through hole is for .308 & requires opening up to 0.025-0.030 over calibre size if fitted to larger calibres._x000D_


  • Dimensions: 71.45mm (2.812in) L, 24.47mm (0.963in) D, 24.10mm (0.948in) Lock nut Diameter
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  • Weight: 118 grams (4.2oz)
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  • Finish: Blued
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