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Designed for calibres up to .30cal. These brakes are easy to install with no gun smithing required. Specifically manufactured to fit onto the: Ruger Precision, Tikka CTR and Tac A1, Howa Varmint, Remington Varmint, Kimber Varmint, Savage, Lithgow, Bergara and many other rifles with a 5/8x24tpi muzzle thread & a muzzle thread shoulder no larger than 23mm OD.


It’s easy to install with no gun smithing, all that’s required to get the job done is a small shifting spanner.

  1. Firstly screw the locknut all the way, onto the Grizzly Eliminator Muzzle Brake.
  2. Now hold the Eliminator Brake and screw it onto the muzzle thread all the way to the shoulder, taking care not to cross thread the Muzzle Brake.
  3. Screw the muzzle brake on all the way to the shoulder, then turn it back anti-clockwise to approximately the 11.55 position, making sure that the vents are sitting horizontal to the barrel but still in the 11.55 position. Hold the muzzle brake firmly with one hand (still in the 11.55 position) and with the other hand, turn the locknut clockwise all the way until it stops.
  4. Hold the firearm firmly, and with the aid of the shifter, grab onto the flats of the brake and turn clockwise until its nice and tight.
  5. Be sure to check that its aligned square to the barrel and if it’s necessary repeat these steps to get it right.
  6. Once tightened firmly, your Muzzle Brake is ready for use. after firing three shots check that it’s still holding nice and firm.
    A handy tip is to carefully cut up an alloy drink can to put a strip between the spanner & the brake or nut flats to help protect its finish then lube the muzzle threads with a fine gun oil before installation.

Ports are 90 degrees to the ground to reduce disturbance. The ports are angled back away from the shooter to minimise shooter discomfort and maximise performance.

The standard through hole is for .308 & requires opening up to 0.025-0.030 over calibre size if fitted to larger calibres.


  • Dimensions: 71.45mm (2.812in) L, 24.47mm (0.963in) D, 24.10mm (0.948in) Lock nut Diameter
  • Weight: 118 grams (4.2oz)
  • Finish: Stainless

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Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions14 × 6 × 8 cm

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