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Lightforce SL 240MM Blitz 100W Handheld Lamp with Cig Plug 510x390
Hand Held 240mm Blitz Coil cord & cig plug 12v 100w globe


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The Lightforce SL 240MM Blitz 100W Handheld Lamp is made of a light-weight, hi-tech engineering polymer for extreme strength and durability. This spot light is everything you need and more to have fun outside. The Lightforce Hand Held 240 Blitz Flashlight has a computer designed parabolic reflector for maximizing bulb output and performance. The handle is ergonomically balanced for superior handling with a user friendly texture to ensure no slipping in an condition. There is a place to secure a lanyard for safety and high specification bulbs to ensure unequalled brightness. With all these features its hard to say no to the Lightforce Portable 240 Blitz Flash Light.

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Weight 10.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

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