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Lee Multi Tube Adapter


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The Lee Multi-Tube Adapter for use with a bullet feeder is a clever tool for people who load their own shots. It allows for more efficient feeding of bullets into a feeder, saving time and the occasional smashed finger. The kit is very simple. It consists of four long plastic tubes, a plate assembly, and two adapters. The clear plastic tubes are for the bullets. Each one actually has two parts, a larger outer tube, and a smaller inner one. For a smaller caliber bullet, like 9 millimeters or .38, you will load the smaller column. For a larger caliber bullet, like .44 and .45, you will pull the smaller column out and use only the wider one. Each bullet column can be up to 25 high, so the entire assembly can hold up to 100. The recommended bullet types for this feeder are lead or jacketed round-nose, flat-base bullets. The plastic tubes fit into holes in the plate assembly. This piece is a round, flat cylinder of black plastic. The other two pieces of the kit are the metal adapters for attaching to a feeder. One is large and one is small to correspond to the tube size you are using. You screw one end of the adapter into the plate assembly and attach the other end to the feeder. At this point, the plate assembly is at the bottom of the adapter, screwed to the bullet feeder, and the four clear tubes are standing upright with a column of pistol bullets in each one. Now you are ready to go. As you work the feeder, each bullet in a column drops down to the seating die. When the column is empty, you simply rotate the adapter to bring another column into place. Because the tubes are clear, you can always tell when one batch is about to run out. You just keep reloading until every bullet has been used. The Lee Multi-Tube adapter is the perfect in-between gear. It aligns the pistol bullet more accurately than if you were doing it by hand, and it gives you speed without the expense of motorized equipment. The practice of loading your own ammo or reloading spent casings for your gun has become a popular pastime. Whatever your reason for reloading your own ammunition, being able to do it more quickly and efficiently is always an advantage. This is where Lee adapter kits come in handy. The Lee adapter is quick to assemble and easy to install by attaching to your feeder. It only weighs about half a pound but is durable enough to last. If you go through a lot of handgun ammo, using reloaded ammunition is a great way to save money. Once you have the basic reloader, a Lee Multi-Tube adapter kit will make the whole process faster and easier. Many users enjoy filling the tubes while they are watching television or otherwise relaxing. With this done, they find that the adapter can make the reloading process up to 50 percent faster.

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