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Lightforce Pred9x Performance fire arm mounted Light LED RF wireless



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The Lightforce Pred 9x Weapon Mounted Flashlight is an amazing way to make sure you have the best possible flashlight for all of your hunting needs. This Flashlight from the experts at Lightforce can be operated without taking your hand away from the firing position using the wireless switch which has a range to five meters and can be attached to your scope or rifle with a high tech Velcro strip. The High contrast light source on the Lightforce Pred 9x Flashlight allows you to spot camouflaged prey in heavy cover. The inbuilt shroud on this Lightforce Flashlight controls stray light producing a tight spot, giving you better range than regular LEDs. This allows you to see beyond 250 yards. The high CRI bulb reduces eye shine and aids in species definition when hunting. The Lightforce PRED9X Weapon Mounted Flashlight has an incomparable run time because of the use of low energy LEDs. There is a run time of two hours when at full power and ten hours when running on low beam and the batteries can be recharged on the run using the in car charger. The LEDs have a lifetime of 35,000 hours use. Moulded from high-tech polymers, the weight of the Lightforce PRED9X Light is just 375 grams including on-board batteries (2 x type 2200mAh, Lithium Ion 18650). The compact dimensions give the Lightforce PRED9X Rifle Light a vertical footprint with clearance for 56mm objective riflescopes. The light measures just 108mm x 69mm x 199mm from the top to the bottom of the clamp. A quick release mount makes it easy to take the Lightforce PRED9X Flashlight on and off your scope. The quick release mount is suitable for both Picatinny and Weaver rails. The scope mount ring fits 25mm, 1 inch and 30mm tubes. For a great way to make sure you can shine a light on any hunting situation, choose the Lightforce Pred-9x Flashlight.

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