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Nosler rdf 140 grain 65mm bullet 450x450


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Nosler RDF 140 Grain 6.5mm (264 Diameter) HPBT bullets are build for the shooter wanting to squeeze the most performance from their competition rifle.  Since shooters demand the tightest groups, Nosler’s RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) bullet line is the ideal choice.  Nosler RDF 140 Grain 6.5mm RDF line was designed from the ground up.  It provide really high BCs, which create the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible. The keys to the RDF’s outstanding performance are Nosler’s meticulously optimized compound ogive and long drag reducing boat tail.  Also, this design allows easy reloading and creates an incredibly sleek form factor.  Most importantly, RDF bullets have the smallest, most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line. Because of this, there is no need to point or trim tips.  All hail the new bullet King!

Today’s shooters need any edge they can get to win.  However, Nosler knows it is not about edges but points.  The 140 Grain 6.5mm RDF bring you the smallest one ever in it’s class.  Because of this, Nosler 140 grain RDF is the flattest shooting match bullet on the market.  Make the switch to RDF, and put yourself on the podium.

Do you need brass for these world class RDF bullets?  Since Monmouth has it’s roots in brass, we offer a great selection.  You get to choose from our once fired indoor range brass and once fired military mil spec brass. In addition to our once fired brass lineup, we carry brand new brass from the top manufacturers.  Choose between Nosler, Winchester, Hornady, as well as Lapua.

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