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evx 4 16x44f1 mil ffp rifle scope
Optisan EVX 4-16X44F1 (mil, FFP) Rifle Scope


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The Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP (First Focal Plane) offers a mid range magnification scope which will be perfect to partner with airguns, rimfires and full bore rifles. This brand new Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP comes with a First focal plane MH16 reticle which is a type of enhanced mildot reticle with additional windage markings. With this reticle being in the first focal plane it gives the shooter a constant ranging scale that can be used throughout the 4-16x power range, where as a scope with a reticle in the second focal plane needs to be at a certain magnification to do this, this is because the reticle always stays the same size in relation to the image you see at any magnification at a set distance. In other words, when you zoom up the reticle gets larger and so does the image, therefore everything you see through the scope corresponds to each other. Let’s say if the target is 50m away it will take up more room in your reticle, if the target is 1000m away the target will take up less room in your reticle, and when you zoom in or out at something 1000m away the amount the target takes up in your reticle is always the same, therefore the mildot spacing are always correct at any magnification in relation to the target.

The Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP has a large range of features that make it a perfect scope for many shooting disciplines. The Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP is equipped with lockable target turrets which are thumbwheel adjustable making it quick and easy to make precise adjustments.

The Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP has parallax adjustment via the side focus which offers adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. Supplied with the Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP is a sunshade. Complete with every EVX Riflescope scope is a set of features that the previous model Viper has used in the past but have now been restyled and updated giving the shooter the newest specs needed in today’s shooting situations.

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