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PIETTA 1873 SINGLE ACTION Revolver Polished Stainless .45LC 5.5inch Bbl


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In 2002 F.A.P F.lli Pietta decided to enrich their already wide range of Old West replicas with the most famous revolver known to date: the 1873 Single Action Army Model. Extensive research into the design of the original model together with a substantial investment in time, high quality steels and modern state of the art machinery, has produced a faithful reproductions of the originals.

It was introduced to the US Market in time for the SASS Single Action Shooting Society) Convention in December 2002 where, within 3 months, against all competition it won the award as the Best Gun of 2002.

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Dimensions 30.0 × 5.0 × 15.0 cm

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