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Redding .269 Titanium Nitride Neck Sizing Bushing


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The easiest way to determine the proper diameter bushing is to measure the neck diameter of several loaded or dummy cartridges with an accurate micrometre. (These dummy cartridges can be loaded with your old set of dies or a borrowed set.) Then, simply subtract 0.001″ from the cartridge that had the smallest average measurement.

This will allow for a slight amount of spring back and create a proper press fit for the bullet. Another method of determining bushing size, is to measure the neck wall thickness of the cartridge cases with a ball type or tubing micrometre.

Double this measurement and add the bullet diameter to calculate the neck diameter of a loaded cartridge. As above, subtract 0.001″ from this figure to determine bushing size. This method is the least desirable of the two, as a ball micrometre is fairly expensive and more difficult to read consistently than a conventional micrometre.

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