5 Tips for buying used guns at our Logan gun shop

Buying used guns is a great way to save a significant amount of money on your purchases, but it’s also a way to get ripped off and inherit more trouble than you anticipated. Lots of Aussies like to build their gun collections, so they opt for second hand guns, not realising that they could be buying second hand trouble as well.

Of course, if you purchase your used guns at our Logan gun shop then since we vet all of them before we put them on sale, you won’t have any problems. However, if you are thinking of buying second hand pistols or revolvers, make sure that you pay attention to our list of tips below.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. So if you see a gun that usually sells for $600 being offered for $50 – walk away and don’t look back! All of the used guns at our Logan gun shop are priced realistically for their age, so you won’t have any worries about buying a lemon.
  2. Make sure that the exterior of the used guns is not rusted, pitted or cracked and that the controls move freely and easily.
  3. Check that the gun has been assembled and disassembled correctly over time, looking for any scratches or wallowed out screws to indicate that it has been forced.
  4. Take the gun apart and look for pitting, rust or a lack of rifling down the bore. Also, ensure that any upgrades, such as triggers, sights and rail systems have been fitted correctly and actually work. It’s always good form to ask before taking guns apart, so just give our guys a heads up in our Logan gun shop before you disassemble any guns.
  5. With pistols make sure that the fit of the slide to the frame doesn’t rattle, and on revolvers, make sure that the cylinder latch is in good condition.

Of course, before you can buy any guns, whether new or second hand, you first need a gun licence and a permit to acquire a gun, as well as a completed gun safety course. You can obtain the licence and permit from the Police in Qld and book a firearms safety course via our website.

Once you are all set up to purchase your guns, drop into our Logan gun shop and we can set you up with both new and used guns. Call us on 07 3841 1881 or send us an email for more information.

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