Selecting the right clothes from the hunting stores in Brisbane

When you go out hunting, you need to have all the right gear with you and the best place to find everything is at the hunting stores in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. You will need your rifle and scope, ammo, food and water, matches, flashlight and first aid kit just to start, but you will also need the right clothes.

Wearing jeans, trainers and a shirt or jumper is not going to make for a very successful hunt, you really do need the right camouflage clothes as well, such as a hunting jacket, vest, hat, boots, trousers, gloves and rainwear. All these items can be purchased from the hunting shops in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, but one of the most important points to remember is to dress in layers.

How to layer your clothes for a hunt

We all know that the weather can change by the hour, starting off really cold early in the morning and blistering hot by lunchtime. When you are out in the bush all day hunting, you need to dress in three layers so that you can start off warm and quickly remove a layer as the day heats up towards noon. You can find all these layers at the hunting stores on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, but here are the essentials:

  • Avoid cotton: Most hunters would pick cotton for their clothes, but the problem with cotton is that it traps moisture. If you sweat due to the heat or you get wet in the rain, your clothes will remain uncomfortably damp all day, so opt for something that breathes, such as Merino Wool. Check the hunting stores in Brisbane or the Gold Coast for these items.
  • Inner layer: Merino wool is not only breathable, but it is antimicrobial, making it a very comfortable material to wear close to your skin. Instead of throwing on an old t-shirt, it’s best to invest in a good quality lightweight Merino wool t-shirt that will last you for years.
  • Middle layer: Again, you want a lightweight middle layer that isn’t too tight and restrictive, nor too baggy and loose that it becomes annoying in the field. Remember that if you remove your outer gear, it’s this middle layer that will be left to the elements, so make sure that it’s durable, lightweight and breathable. Invest in good quality gear, available at the hunting shops in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.
  • Outer layer: This should give you the best possible protection against the elements, so it needs to be water repellent, strong and durable, and fit you properly. Too baggy and it will catch on bushes and thorns and too tight and it will restrict your movements.

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