Do you really need to update your shooting supplies with a red dot sight?

Most of us tend to be fairly conventional with our shooting supplies, finding something we like and sticking with it for years. Red dot sights however, have revolutionised the shooting industry in Brisbane, because they ramp up speed without decreasing accuracy.

Initially used in battle situations, we have noticed that red dot sights have started to infiltrate the hunting industry to great effect. The biggest reason for the popularity of red dot sights is that they get you on target much faster than magnified optics and they are great for novice shooters.

Regardless of whether you are using a rifle or a handgun, we have noticed that in Brisbane, shooting accuracy and speed are generally increased with a red dot sight. Setting up your new sight isn’t always intuitive however, so here are some tips for novice users.

Tips on using a red dot sight

If you already have an iron sight amongst your shooting supplies, its best to line them up together (called co-witnessing), so that they both point at the same target. The benefit of this is that if the red dot or its battery fails, you still have your iron sight and your trip isn’t wasted. There two options for lining up your red dot sight and your iron sight, either absolute co-witnessing or lower third co-witnessing.

The difference is that the absolute co-witnessing completely covers the iron sights and some people shooting in Brisbane find that the irons can get in the way when they are aiming. The lower third position is much more popular, because the red dot sight is set below the iron sight and doesn’t get in the way so much. Which type of setup you use, depends not only on your personal preferences, but also on your gun, as it must be able to configure co-witnessing (some guns can’t do this).

There are also different types of red dot sights – tube, prismatic, holographic and reflex, and the differences centre around how the sight actually works. For example, reflex and tube red dot sights use a reflective glass lens and an LED, holographic sights use a laser and prismatic sights use prisms.

Remember to always keep your shooting supplies in a gun safe in Brisbane!

If you want to investigate how a red dot sight can help improve your shooting in Brisbane, then why not drop into our Logan store for a chat, call us on 07 3841 1881 or send us an email?

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