5 tips for hunting deer in Australia

At any of the hunting stores in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can find out about hunting deer in Australia. This includes the species of deer and where they can be found across the country, as well as the ethical standards that are supported by the Australian Deer Association (ADA) for the humane killing of deer by hunters.

Once you have stocked up on your supplies from the hunting shops in Brisbane, it’s time to hit the road. However, before you start trundling through the bush, here are 5 tips that will make you a much better hunter.

  1. Time: Unless it is rutting season, there’s no point in sitting around all day waiting for a deer to pop it’s head up. Deer are active at night (generally), so dawn and dusk are the best times to hunt. Since they rest all day, setting yourself up at dusk where they feed is a good idea and at dawn, along the tracks they use to reach their favourite rest areas.
  2. Location: Talking to the guys at your local hunting stores in the Gold Coast or Brisbane is a great way to find out who hunts deer and then pick their brains. Tips about where the deer are located at different times of the year are hard to come by, but if you can find a local expert, you will set yourself up for a very successful hunt.
  3. Attractants: Some people believe that this is cheating and there are arguments for both sides of the discussion at the hunting stores in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. An attractant is the simplest way to bring deer to your stand, but if you are hunting for sport and not for food, you might want to use your wits rather than this simple trick.
  4. Downwind: The experts at our hunting shops in Brisbane say that you must always be aware of which way the wind is blowing and station yourself downwind. If you don’t do this, you won’t stand a hope of making a kill. Some hunters also use scent eliminators on their boots or bathe with scent free soap before heading off into the bush. How much you want to ‘game’ the hunt is up to you!
  5. Quiet: It goes without saying that you need to keep the noise down when hunting deer. In fact, deer have such good hearing that you really need to be very quiet or they will bolt. The guys at our hunting stores in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, say that setting up a stand the day before the hunt is a good idea (because it’s noisy to do) and walking with all due care if you are on foot is essential.

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