How to apply for a new firearms licence in Brisbane

If you want to own guns or firearms in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, you must hold a valid weapons licence. Brisbane gun shops will not sell you any weapons if you don’t have this licence and the most common licence that is suitable for sports and target shooters is simply a new firearms licence.

Your licence also needs to be endorsed for particular types of weapons, for example if you want to purchase a double barrel shotgun from a Gold Coast gun shop, your licence needs to be endorsed for this specific type of gun.

You also need to have a valid reason for a new firearms licence and just because you have a licence for guns, you can’t just visit your local hunting shops in Brisbane and buy a gun – you also need to apply for a permit to acquire the weapon, which is only valid for one endorsed weapon.

Steps to apply for a new firearms licence

You must be over the age of 18 years, completed a firearms safety training course during the previous 12 months and have secure storage for your guns. You might also have to provide evidence to support your reason to hold a firearm and you must be a ‘fit and proper’ person.

The gun licence application requires a passport size photo of yourself, along with the above proofs, a fee, and 100 points of identification, which you need to present to your local police station.

You can apply for a new firearms licence online.

Steps to apply for a permit to acquire new firearms

You can apply for a permit to acquire a new firearm online or download the forms and present them at your local police station. Take along a photo ID, as well as details of your current weapons licence or application for this licence.

It is only when you have both your new firearms licence and a permit to acquire that you can purchase a gun from Brisbane gun shops. In fact, you can only purchase from a licenced gun dealer, so if you want to buy a gun privately, you need to use a licenced dealer as a go-between.

Shooter’s Delight is a licensed firearms dealer and we also offer firearm safety courses in Brisbane. Call us on 07 3841 1881 or complete our online enquiry form.

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