Brisbane gun shops promote firearms safety rules

All Brisbane gun shops actively promote Firearms Safety Rules and at Shooter’s Delight we have a link to the Firearms Safety Course run by QMRC (Queensland Military Rifle Club). Since we sell guns and shooting supplies, we believe that it’s our duty to ensure that anyone who uses firearms is aware of the rules that will keep themselves and everyone else in the vicinity safe.

So if it’s been a while since you completed your own Firearms Safety Course, maybe it’s time to refresh yourself on the following five essential safety rules.

  1. Gun safes: It’s important that you always keep your guns and firearms locked away in a gun safe in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. You might think that it’s not a problem to keep unloaded firearms around the home, but there are legislative requirements in Queensland that require you to store your guns safely and a gun safe is as good as it gets. Amongst our shooting supplies we have a range of quality gun safes in Brisbane, so check them out!
  2. Is it loaded? No gun should ever be loaded unless it’s in the field or on the target range, however it’s always best that you consider all guns to be loaded unless proven otherwise. Whenever you pick up a firearm, always check the chamber, receiver and magazine to ensure that it doesn’t contain any ammunition.
  3. Handling guns: Never point your gun at anything you don’t want to shoot. Always make sure that no-one is in the line of fire and remember that bullets can ricochet quite easily and end up somewhere unexpected. Point your loaded gun in a safe direction and always know where your gun is pointed! This is a safety rule that all Brisbane gun shops support.
  4. Distance to target: Bullets carry enough energy to penetrate targets and hit anything on the other side. They can also miss the target and head off into the distance. The fact that bullets can travel such long distances means that you need to ensure that no-one is behind the target, before you shoot.
  5. Trigger guards: These are there for a reason – to keep everyone safe from friendly fire! So always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire and don’t simply rely on the safety mechanism, as these have been known to slip.

For all of your shooting supplies and guns, contact Shooter’s Delight – one of the leading gun shops in Brisbane.

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