Increasing your accuracy with firearms

Learning to shoot firearms accurately can take shooters quite some time, but if we bring physics into the equation you might stand a better chance of hitting the mark. Let’s take a look at how understanding a bit of physics can make your aim more accurate very quickly.

Firearms and physics

The first piece of information you need to understand is that the force needed to fire most guns is greater than the weight of most hand guns. What does this have to do with shooting accuracy? Well, because of physics, it means that to shoot accurately, you need to keep your guns completely still as you press the trigger, otherwise your shot will miss the target.

This might seem obvious to some people, but not to others. The fundamental truth is that to shoot accurately, you must hold your firearms rock steady as you pull the trigger. The problem is that when most novice shooters press the trigger, their guns move, putting their aim off. You must spend time learning how to press the trigger without moving your gun.

The solution is to learn how to dry fire, using your knowledge of gun safety, so that you can keep your guns stable when firing.

Dry firing and gun safety

Dry firing simply means to practice pulling the trigger without any ammunition in your guns. This exercise helps to train your eyes to remain on the target and your body and hand to remain perfectly still as you discharge your firearms. Without ammunition, you avoid the instinctive flinch that happens when you pull the trigger, and if this exercise is repeated many times, not flinching and keeping your gun still becomes natural.

The most important part of dry firing is gun safety and the lessons you learned in your gun safety course apply here as well. In short, you need to remove all ammunition from your gun, keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to dry fire your firearms, focus on your front sight, and slowly press the trigger. The more you practice the less your gun will move as you press the trigger and the greater your accuracy.

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