Tips on hunting in the outback of Queensland

If you’re stocking up on hunting gear and hunting supplies in Brisbane, before heading off into the outback for well-deserved hunting trip, you need to make sure that you are armed with all the best information. Most hunting shops in Brisbane can help you out with your hunting gear, but not all of them have the right type of local information you need for a successful trip.

So, let’s look at the regulations around hunting in Queensland and the types of properties and accommodation that are available to hunters.

Queensland regulations for hunters

Obviously, you need your own first-class hunting gear, as well as a licence to shoot a gun in Queensland, but you also need to know that hunting is restricted to feral animals on private property. You can’t hunt Australian native species, and since Queensland doesn’t have any game animals that can be hunted by recreational hunters, you can only hunt feral animals – for example, cats, foxes, pigs, rabbits, goats and buffalo (yes, we have wild buffalo in Australia!).

You will also need the landowner’s permission to hunt feral animals on their land, but you won’t need a permit. Always remember however, that it is an offence to kill any animal in a way that is inhumane, so only specific ammunition should be used to shoot pigs, buffalo, goats and deer – hunting shops in Brisbane should have this information.

Opportunities for outback accommodation

Many outback properties welcome local hunters who want to help keep down their feral pests. You will need to take all your own hunting supplies with you and you can find some of these properties on This is where property owners post ads, listing the size of their land, their feral pests and the costs for accommodation or camping. The properties posted on the western hunting website all require booking fees, but you might be able to locate other properties that are more casual with their bookings by asking around the hunting shops in Brisbane.

Obviously, these are working properties and there will be a bunch of rules to restrict where you can and cannot fire your arms, what you can and cannot shoot, and whether you can have fires if you are camping.

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