What are the benefits of using rifle or gun scopes when hunting?

Rifles with scopes are just about essential for hunting in the bush, but it’s amazing how many times we have to convince people that they need a good quality rifle scope. One of the best quality rifle scopes you can buy are the Nightforce or Leupold scopes, which have world class optics and outperform many other scopes on the market.

Not everyone can afford Nightforce or Leupold scopes, however there are plenty of others that are more affordable and are very popular with hunters. If you are used to hunting with rifles that aren’t fitted with scopes, then here are 5 reasons why you might want to change your mind.

  1. Increased accuracy over distances: Hunters can’t always get up close with their prey, which means that you can easily miss the target, particularly if it’s moving. The noise of a missed shot can startle your prey and you might lose your chance of taking it down cleanly. A clean kill is paramount, which is why gun scopes are so popular over long distances.
  2. Increased range in the bush: Prey that is too far away suddenly becomes an easy target when you use a gun or rifle scope. The increased range of gun scopes also gives you more time to set up your shot for a clean kill, rather than having to wait until it’s a lot closer before firing.
  3. Improved scores: It’s not like hunters keep scores of who hits what and when! Of course, if you can hit a moving target consistently while your mates can’t even hit a tree at 100 yards, you are going to come out on top – no doubts about it. There can’t be a better reason to invest in Leupold scopes than getting one over on your hunting mates!
  4. Fewer dangerous situations: The increased range and accuracy of rifle and gun scopes means that you can keep a very safe distance from your prey and still be sure of a clean kill. Keeping safe is one of a hunter’s main priorities in the bush and using a rifle scope is a sure way to keep your distance and your health when you are out hunting.
  5. Increased comfort: Using a rifle scope for your guns is easier on your neck and back, because you don’t have to spend so long setting up and aiming your shot, then waiting for your prey to come into range. They are also easier on your eyes, because you don’t have to squint for so long to keep track of your prey.

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