Etiquette for Brisbane shooting ranges

If you are a new gun owner, your first trip to the Brisbane shooting ranges might seem a bit overwhelming and even intimidating, especially when you are surrounded by more experienced shooters. So if you have packed up your shooting supplies and you are ready to go, here are a few tips on the etiquette […]

5 Tips for buying used guns at our Logan gun shop

Buying used guns is a great way to save a significant amount of money on your purchases, but it’s also a way to get ripped off and inherit more trouble than you anticipated. Lots of Aussies like to build their gun collections, so they opt for second hand guns, not realising that they could be […]

Selecting the right clothes from the hunting stores in Brisbane

When you go out hunting, you need to have all the right gear with you and the best place to find everything is at the hunting stores in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. You will need your rifle and scope, ammo, food and water, matches, flashlight and first aid kit just to start, but you […]

Do you really need to complete a gun safety course in Brisbane?

If you want to own a gun in Queensland then you need to complete a gun safety course in Brisbane as part of the licensing procedure and you also need a PTA (permit to acquire a weapon) and a new weapons licence. We have a link to the local firearms safety course on our website, […]

Do you really need to update your shooting supplies with a red dot sight?

Most of us tend to be fairly conventional with our shooting supplies, finding something we like and sticking with it for years. Red dot sights however, have revolutionised the shooting industry in Brisbane, because they ramp up speed without decreasing accuracy. Initially used in battle situations, we have noticed that red dot sights have started […]

What are the benefits of using rifle or gun scopes when hunting?

Rifles with scopes are just about essential for hunting in the bush, but it’s amazing how many times we have to convince people that they need a good quality rifle scope. One of the best quality rifle scopes you can buy are the Nightforce or Leupold scopes, which have world class optics and outperform many other […]

5 tips for hunting deer in Australia

At any of the hunting stores in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can find out about hunting deer in Australia. This includes the species of deer and where they can be found across the country, as well as the ethical standards that are supported by the Australian Deer Association (ADA) for the humane killing […]

Tips on extending the life of reloading equipment and shooting supplies

Reloading equipment and shooting supplies can be expensive to buy, so you want to do as much as possible to extend the life of your gear. Not everyone wants to assemble their own ammunition, so not everyone will own reloading equipment, however the same care instructions apply to factory assembled ammunition as well. At our […]

Physical and mental benefits of a hunting lifestyle

Shooter’s Delight is one of the most popular meeting places for hunters in Brisbane. Hunting supplies tend to fly off our shelves every weekend and we love having a good yarn with our regulars in the shop. One of the topics we often chat about are the pleasures of hunting, which to some people seems […]